Hi, I’m Ashley, an Australian poet, novelist and teacher.

I’ve been writing since before my teen years (as so many writers have) and started publishing in 2008, mostly in the poetry world. To date I’ve had six poetry collections published and released seven novels and novellas. When I’m not flat out writing, I tend to teach, usually Music Production, Media Studies and English. Teaching is a tough gig but it’s meant to be – learning is a deeply complex process.

Before teaching, I did a few other things – I played in a metal band, worked in an art gallery and slaved away at music retail. Aside from reading and writing, I love volleyball and Studio Ghibli – and Magnum PI, easily one of the greatest television shows ever made. I’ve also been enjoying Cowboy Bebop quite a lot.

My first novel was an epic fantasy/adventure title called City of Masks, released by Snapping Turtle Books in 2014. We followed it with the second part of the trilogy, The Lost Mask the year after. The conclusion – Greatmask is forthcoming in 2016.

In between I also released shorter novels The Fairy Wren, A Whisper of Leaves, Crossings and the beginning of ‘The Book of Never’ series, The Amber Isle.