Morning all!

So, I’ve lost track in terms of whether I’ve mentioned this on the blog?


Art by Lin Hsiang 🙂


I’m doing a ‘chapter per week’ release of my current/forthcoming work, which is an Urban Fantasy set here in Oz. Below is a tiny bit of info on it:

Graves Robbed, Heirlooms Returned is the first in what I want to be a fun Urban Fantasy series following the investigations of ‘Reed Lavender’, nephew to Death herself, a man with the ability (among others) to hear the final words of the deceased.

He uses this information to solve crimes or bring peace, often joined by a cast of Reaper-relatives and even demi-Gods (all of whom offer varying levels of help and hindrance), but in his first case he also uncovers something bigger and darker beneath his city, something vast, something that is ripening to rot…

Each week/fortnight I’m sharing a new chapter (generally on a Sunday) over on Patreon – and so far I’ve posted the first 18 or so, with chapters 1-16 ‘open’ right now. And by ‘open’ I mean that if you’re already a supporter over there, you can read all 18 chapters today – but if you don’t mind waiting, you can still read them all just at a slower rate.

You can start right here with Chapter 1 if you’re curious 🙂