Hi folks, here’s that competition I mentioned a little while back 🙂

Click to check out the blurb!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below (or shoot me an e-mail), letting me know whether you’d like a shot at wining the paperback or the eBook version of The Last Sea God 🙂

Once you do so I’ll add you into a random draw and all you have to do then is cross your fingers (not the whole time of course) for the drawing on Feb 28th.

(And here’s my e-mail – just tweak accordingly to actually send me your entry:


and that’s a ‘zero’ in the middle there too)




6 thoughts on “The Last Sea God – Paperback & eBook Competition

  1. Wow, really surprised no one has put their hand up for this (at least not in the comments). Read the Goodreads summary and this sounds right up my alley! Would love a chance at the e-book!

    1. Everyone seems to be going for e-mail – maybe my blog’s not exciting enough? 😀

      Have got your entry logged, thanks for entering!

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