Hi everyone! Time for a long overdue update or two 😀


A lot has been happening in the first half of the year – while the awesome molten graphics have been hard at work updating my site, I’ve been to the Supanova convention, updated my paperbacks and released the final Never paperback, prepared a boxed set for the Never books and charged through the first 40k of my forthcoming Steampunk title, The Red Hourglass.

I’ll share a few chapters from The Red Hourglass soon but today I wanted to share some of the other updates I mentioned a moment ago. First up is Supanova!


Devin Madson, Me and two of the Empire’s finest health inspectors!


Supanova was fantastic. I know I was there to sell books and talk shop with the awesome Devin but we ended up spending a lot of the time there in awe of the effort folks put into their costumes. Very impressive indeed, I even saw a Spike and Faye from Cowboy Bebop which was amazing. I also got to meet some awesome readers and it was especially great to meet Belle from thereareinkspotsonmypage!


I now have updated paperbacks available for the Bone Mask books and also have Never 4&5 ready as a paperback (across all retailers) and you can see the cover below:


Never has also been given the ‘boxed set‘ treatment where you can grab his first 5 adventures for around $9.99 as a single ebook.

For folks who’ve already read many of the individual titles, the single titles (along with smaller sets) are still available out there too, so this hasn’t replaced them.

And you can read a little more about Never and my creative process over at the Space and Sorcery blog, where owner Maddalena recently interviewed me. I had a great time – I even managed not to blather on too much for a change!


Thanks for reading and check back soon for some updates on The Red Hourglass and the forthcoming (2018) Bone Mask War book, The Last Sea God, which follows on from the end of the Bone Mask Trilogy!