Across these posts, some of my thoughts are going to apply more to self than traditional publishing. Here’s a time where I’m mostly addressing my comments toward marketing self-published work, though the two techniques are not exclusively for one publishing approach.
Technique One – Choose (and Stay in)* a Popular Genre
Some fanatical self-published writers offering advice might steer you wrong when they blindly say self-publishing the best and only choice!
This is a rather ridiculous thing to claim.
The best choice is the one which suits you as a person and a writer, and to an extent, the one which suits your genre or even an individual book. For an author trying to break into the genres of literary fiction and children’s fiction, I’d argue traditional publishing is going to be the more satisfying path when it comes to building an audience. To some extent, poetry is the same.
However, if you choose to write in more commercial genres such as Romance, Mystery/Thriller, Fantasy and their sub genres etc then you’ll find you have less barriers to audience building and an better shot at growing a supplementary income from your writing – and that’s my advice if you’re looking to do that, work mostly in one of those categories.

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