Cover Art for ‘The Peaks of Autumn’ (Never #4)

Hi! Just in case you might have missed this over on my fiction blog, I thought I’d share this here too – especially as I’m so very happy with the fantastic work from Lin and Vivid Covers🙂

(I’m especially thrilled with the beautiful change in colour from top to bottom)

(due Oct 7th)

(due Oct 7th)

‘River God’ Release Day!

River God Release Day! (Well, for certain hemispheres😀 – just a few more hours and it’s the 1st in the US too)

For those of you following Never’s story you can see the ebook the print edition of the first 3 volumes below, (also available through other retailers – a small list is here)

e –
p –

Survey! For Free!!!

Yep, that’s right – A FREE SURVEY! No cost to you!


Okay, in all seriousness now, I’d love your opinion if you’ve got 1-3 minutes spare?

If you’ve ever read my poetry or fiction in the past I’m hoping you can help me decide what my next release should be. If so, check out this short survey below and grab a free e-book while you’re at it

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Top Ten Albums as of June 13th 2016, 1:06am

If you’ve been reading either of my blogs over the years, you’ll know I tend to blather on about music a fair bit so here’s a Top Ten Albums!

I did the last one at the fiction blog (here’s a link if you’d like to compare) and here’s the same disclaimer now – this top ten isn’t ‘for 2016’ or ‘of 2016’ or of any ‘decade’ – it’s just my Top Ten as I’m Feeling Right Now. The kind of list that has nothing at stake but which is hopefully a bit of fun!

(Click the image to jump to youtube – mostly)



Will try add some thoughts as to ‘why’ each album gets a mention over the next week or so🙂