Looking Back – 2016

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First ‘Greatmask’ Review :)

Very happy to report that ‘Space and Sorcery’ have given me my first review of Greatmask, and I’m also pleased and relieved to report that the conclusion to the trilogy was indeed well-received 😀 Here’s the beginning (and you can read on via the link below) too: Now, as the third book starts, we follow  […]

Launching Tomorrow – Greatmask

Still hoping to reveal the final cover tonight, but even if that doesn’t happen, Greatmask, Book 3 of the Bone Mask Trilogy, will be released tomorrow! I’m very excited that it’s nearly here and can’t wait to share it with you all 🙂 Oh and check back tomorrow for details on another ebook & paperback […]

2017 Speculative Fiction Challenge

Next year I’m most keen to read more – I know I’ve tried this in the past and failed – but hopefully this year I will actually succeed 😀 I’ve set a personal challenge of sorts over at Goodreads, aiming for ten speculative fiction classics. Now, some of the titles on my list are pretty […]

Greatmask Blurb

Five days now and Greatmask goes live! Today, a blurb and a reminder for the eBook competition, which will be open until the 25th 🙂 Greatmask The Ecsoli have taken Anaskar, raiding the city for bones of the Sea God and holding King Oseto captive in his own palace. Yet there he discovers an even greater threat […]