At last!

Today Greatmask launches 🙂 It’s available right now in the southern hemisphere and in a few hours if you’re up north. So, right to the links then! If you’d like to grab a copy you can click here:

OR if you’re new to the series, Book 1 (City of Masks) is 99c during launch week or free via Kindle Unlimited any old time.

A quick but sincere ‘thanks’ to all who helped me with the any of the books in series, at any step of the way, but especially with Greatmask over the last two years.

Before I take a break (in order to focus on finishing Never’s story and also to get some reading done) from the Bone Mask world, which I do plan to return to, I’d like to re-post something I wrote a little while back about the story:

I’m keen to release this one so I can see what folks think of the trilogy’s ending.
Finishing a trilogy is pretty much the same as finishing a novel; I’m feeling the same doubt – is the ending good? Will it be satisfying to readers? Have I wrapped up enough? Have I left enough open? (Well, it’s the same except magnified, since it’s a multi-pov, multi-storyline ending that’s been building for two books prior :D)
But there’s also a lot of excitement and anticipation too, after four years of hard work!
And checking my old hard drive, I see that I started the trilogy back in late September 2012, which is when I wrote the first 500 words of Notch’s opening in Anaskar’s prison.

If you remember that opening from City of Masks, released in 2014, hope you enjoy the ending of the story now in 2016 with Greatmask!