Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off

I’m leading off this post with some lovely news about my epic fantasy/adventure story The Amber Isle – I was thrilled to learn it was a semi-finalist in the opening round of Mark Lawrences’ SPFBO (which you can read about here) and while I didn’t expect a novella to fare to well against full length novels, I’m still very happy with how it went!

You can also see the great review from Lynn, the blogger assigned to the batch of titles I was up against – among which was the eventual winner, Outpost by F T McKinstry. Good luck to F T McKinstry 🙂


Two short interviews are also up – one is a quick promotional one which talks a little about the inspiration behind City of Masks and the other is part of Ambrose Hall’s Gothic/Horror month, where I talk about A Whisper of Leaves and living next to cemeteries 🙂

(In fact, A Whisper of Leaves, my ghost story set in Japan, is actually $1 during the lead up to Halloween if you’re looking for a suspense read) 

Another Review 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised to find that a new review group Fantasia Reviews, found a copy of City of Masks and did an in depth review that featured pull-quotes, which I thought was ace 🙂 They describe the writing as laconic and effective (which I liked :D) – check it out!

General Updates

Greatmask is on track for its late November release and I’ll soon be sharing a chapter from Seto too. I’m at around 15k for Never #5 and hope to announce a kickstarter for it soon. Next year, after Never #5 is out, I hope to be working on a sequel to A Whisper of Leaves and another dark fantasy/suspense story (Fallow-Man). Otherwise I’m also planning to get a lot more reading done over the ever-nearing Christmas break 🙂