Today I wanted to announce that Greatmask (the third book in the Bone Mask Trilogy) is due for release on November 28th!
I’ll actually be releasing it myself, as the previous publisher Snapping Turtle and I have parted ways for now – it’s an amicable split and I’m still happy with all the work we did together on the first two books and on Greatmask too.
I’m keen to release this one so I can see what folks think of the trilogy’s ending.
Finishing a trilogy is pretty much the same as finishing a novel; I’m feeling the same doubt – is the ending good? Will it be satisfying to readers? Have I wrapped up enough? Have I left enough open? (Well, it’s the same except magnified, since it’s a multi-pov, multi-storyline ending that’s been building for two books prior :D)
But there’s also a lot of excitement and anticipation too, after four years of hard work!
Checking my old hard drive, I see that I started the trilogy back in late September 2012, which is when I wrote the first 500 words of Notch’s opening in Anaskar’s prison. Next I wrote an unused opening that was much more of a ‘wide view’ that established the city itself, which I’ll share in a future post leading up to the release.
In the meantime, here’s a reminder of the fantastic map I had commissioned a while back. I wanted to plot a red-line showing everyone’s path over the books but couldn’t bear marring the image 😀