This weekend I’m part of a promo featuring a heap of authors and their works, which are either free or on sale – you can check them out right here.

I’ve got The Fairy Wren ebook on special for $1 starting from right now (I’m on the right hand side and though my promo is listed as starting on Sunday, it’s kicked in a day early on Amazon) but you can see all kinds of other genres and specials at the page tooone of which I recommend is Past Life Strife by Christina McMullen.

In terms of updates I’ve got a few but they’re short – Crossings is going to copy edits in less than two weeks and then it’s due to go to formatting for upload to retailers, so I’m hoping to get it out earlier than my estimated November release date 🙂

The Lost Mask is really, really close now – we’re at proofing stage!

Here’s the cover (which I love) if you missed it last time I updated the blog:

This means I’m also trying to charge through writing Greatmask, the conclusion to the Bone Mask Trilogy, so I’ll hopefully have the progress bar ticking along on the right hand side there soon too. I’m also looking to run giveaways and other promos for Crossings and The Lost Mask in the near future too.

Speaking of promos – I’m also running a newsletter sign-up promo during 2015. You can check it out at the top right of the sidebar, but in short, every sign-up to the newsletter receives a copy of A Whisper of Leaves, my novella-length ghost story set in Japan 🙂