I’m hardly unique or noteworthy in this, but a couple of months ago I axed my Facebook accounts (both personal and author-page) and it’s been rather swell.

For me, FB wasn’t valuable.

If I had heaps and heaps of folks overseas etc that I wanted to keep in contact with then I might have kept it but that’s not the case. The vague-booking, image-crafting and the political ‘discussions’ were probably the most tedious aspects – but also the visual clutter from promoted posts, or, to refer to them by their old name ‘ads’.

Further to that was the rampant tokenism. Left, right and centre, there was the use of the ‘like’ button to fill-in for actual human interaction* (and I have certainly been guilty of it, and will be again I fear). I realised I needed conversation from my social networks and so I had to get out before I saw another ‘like if you’re against poverty’ or any other type of slacktivism.

But this post was supposed to be a bit more positive and I’ve drifted deeply into ‘rant’ territory here. Basically I’ve enjoyed not having Facebook and found other platforms have taken it’s place in more meaningful ways. Goodreads comes to mind for one, and of course, it all comes down to what sort of effort I put into a group/space – but it turns out I didn’t care enough anymore, about FB, to put the effort in.

So I’ve jumped ship and it’s been a pretty handy reminder to use my time in ways that I receive value from – and thus, back to some writing I think!

*Which can most certainly be digital.

One thought on “Giving Facebook the Boot

  1. To add – I don’t mind if folks get value from FB, not at all! It’s great for some people, no doubt about it : ) (And I do miss a few writers I’d see around FB too).

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