Just stopping off to add another quick update about a couple of writing projects.

The sad news is that The Lost Mask, follow up to City of Masks, is now due early 2015, which is hopefully only a month or two later than the original Christmas release date. Some of the revisions have proven more trick-some than I anticipated but it’s for the best. The alterations will make it a much stronger book!

The Fairy Wren is now available, but there’s still a week (two at the most, I hope) until the ebook is ready for purchase. In the meantime, you can check out the opening here if you wanted to sample it.

Sea of Trees (working title) is hopefully on track for release next year, as is Greatmask, the conclusion to The Bone Mask Trilogy. Everything else is on hold while I work on finishing up the titles above but soon I hope to post a Christmas post/comp/giveaway/thingy, so stay tuned!