Today, a quick note on ‘choice.’

Later, I’d love to do a bit of an indulgent post on Self Publishing & Traditional Publishing – but for now, I just wanted to quickly mention ‘choice’ (and why ‘indulgent’? I guess because so many people have said more insightful things than I on the topic.)

But for now, back to Choice.

What’s amazing about the current landscape for writers is that the possibility of publishing and earning income is
no longer linked as tightly to giant publishers with contracts that are frankly quite rough on authors. We have a lot more on the table. Small publishers, co-ventures, solo flight. Now, an author is free to choose.

And just knowing you have a choice is very powerful. It can boost motivation levels and allow a potential future to take shape in our minds, which again, is very freeing. It’s a different feeling to slave away at a novel or project knowing there’s a chance it will see release, and slaving away with no idea what will happen.

As more of a hybrid chap, I experience great joys from both approaches – but when I started out, even only 14 years ago, I had a hell of a lot less in the way of choice.



2 thoughts on “Choice

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this.
    Many people love having the control that indie publishing provides. The key, I think, is making sure that you give your readers an excellent experience regardless of going the traditional route or the indie route.
    The option definitely helps me put words on the page day after day.

    1. Thanks, Jim!
      And that control is seductive too, huh? And it’s very powerful too but as you’ve said, it all comes down to one thing: giving the reader quality work 🙂

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