On my poetry blog a while back I mentioned a great idea Tess Grantham turned me on to – where you randomly select words from books as a way to challenge yourself in starting a story.

So, here, in order, are the references and words to my experiment:

pg171, line 21, word 8

  • Crowed

pg233, line 1, word 6

  • Want

pg121, line 16, word 3

  • Nervous

pg43, line 12, word 8

  • Horizon

Later on I’ll post the results of my brainstorm, but in the meantime, if anyone thinks they can be first to discover all 4 books these words are drawn from, and post the answer in the comments here or at my poetry blog, I’ll send them a copy of my latest poetry collection between giants!)

And to see how Tess does the exercise (properly I might add!) have a look here. Fascinating to see her take the words and roll them into lines, ideas and possibilities!