Alan Baxter Interview

Alan is a British-Australian author celebrating the release of his latest novel Bound (which I’m really looking forward to) first in an urban fantasy series starring MMA fighter Alex Caine. Amazingly, the novel is free for kindle for the whole of July – you can check it out over here! Alan was kind enough to […]

John Marco Interview – Part Three

AC: Before its release, on your website you provided a teaser for your Skylords series, and outlined your plans to make the books appeal to both younger and older audiences. Did you feel a certain amount of trepidation in pitching a work for a younger audience? JM: A little bit, yes, because I’d never done […]

John Marco Interview – Part Two

AC: Count Biagio, a favourite of mine from Tyrants and Kings, is a great example of a character with contradictions, but also, a character who almost completely changes himself for the better. That’s a big step and a hard transformation to convey in writing. How did you do it? Did you always plan for him […]