Threshold Guardian from the ‘Hero’s Journey’

The Hero’s Journey is one of those classic, prevalent narratives that you can find anywhere from Homer’s Odyssey to the first Star Wars. An early work used for its development might be Carl Jung’s archetypes, which were then further explored and used by Joseph Campbell in his Hero with a Thousand Faces, an exploration of […]

Tropes as Shared Shorthand

Trope (defined in this post as a ‘commonly recurring element in fiction’)     I wanted to ramble a bit about Tropes as they impact fiction, both from a writer and a reader’s standpoint. Some of these thoughts are disjointed to an extent, as I lifted my ideas from my thoughts in past discussions at […]

Today it’s part 2 of a ‘double interview’ where Ryn Lilley (a fellow Snapping Turtle author) and I talk about writing, music, conventions whatever else comes up! Hope you enjoy it and feel free to ask either of us a question in the comments : ) RL: What defines a great writing group for you?AC: […]

Writing Update

Hello!So, I’ve got another interview scheduled for the next couple of days so please stay tuned, but in the meantime, I thought I’d post a small update. Here’s where I’m at in terms of the various writing projects I’m working on: City of Masks – e-book out now and print edition to follow The Lost […]

Acceptance Speech?

A few nights ago my wife and I watched The Desolation of Smaug (a film I mostly enjoyed) and it triggered a memory from grade four, when my teacher read us The Hobbit. I loved it, just the sheer scale of the adventure! Sitting cross-legged on aging carpet as a kid, it really fired my […]