on our last night in Rome
the thrill of nicotine as garnish
has worn off

and the waitress at the hotel
knows I’ll order
panna cotta for dessert.

after a long search
for band aids
the next morning

we return
to the Trevi Fountain
and throw a coin

and much later
on the plane,
talk about how we both

had wondered just
how many times
we appeared
in other people’s photographs.



Old Stone – Coming Soon!

In the busiest 6 months I’ve had as a writer, I’m also gearing up for the release of old stone: haiku, senryu & haibun, a collection which is again released through the wonderful Ginninderra Press!

Here’s the final cover art, more news soon!

old stone - haiku (larger)2 - Copy

(click to enlarge)



Ten Books that Have Stayed with Me

Over at the CityofMasks blog I’ve just done a post on ’10 books that have stayed with me’ and it was a lot of fun, I recommend making one, it’s a nice alternative to a ‘best of’ list (which I also love!).

Looking over it now I’m noting that I read a lot of the ones which stayed with me as a teen, which is probably not a coincidence. Another factor is probably how many I’ve re-read!

Here’s the list if you’re curious :) Love to know if you’ve read any and what you thought of them if you did!