The Bone Mask Trilogy – (e)Book 2 Has Landed

Snapping Turtle made this cool banner for the ebook release (which is right now :D) of my second novel in the Bone Mask Trilogy (The Lost Mask):
Lost Mask Banner

And so I thought I’d try whip up something similar (but not as good) for the whole Trilogy as it stands so far and made this:

Bone Mask Promo - Book 1 & 2

Which was a lot of fun because I got to see the covers side-by-side – both created by the awesome Kerry Fox.

If anyone from the poetry world happens to be following the series, you can check out the opening chapters of The Lost Mask over at Amazon :)

E-book – Amazon (AU)
E-book – Amazon (US)
E-Book – Amazon (UK)

Cordite ‘Toil’ Subs Close Tomorrow

Subs for Cordite’s Toil issue are closing tomorrow at midnight, so if you haven’t already maybe check your folders for some great poetry you might have on a pretty classic theme.

I’ve thrown my hat in this time (with what I hope are a couple of strong pieces) because the theme really appeals to me – probably because I think all writing is a particular form of toil – whether it’s mental toil or maybe back or wrist pain :)



Magical Realism – Blog Hop

For part of the Magical Realism Blog Hop initiated over at Zoe Brooks’ awesome site, I wanted to post something new but I’m a bit pressed for time so I thought I’d share this post from my other site instead:




A Wild Sheep Chase – Mini Review

I loved A Wild Sheep Chase – I finished it a while back but finally got around to recording a couple of (brief) thoughts about it.

For me, this is a great place to start if you’re new to Haruki Murakami. The story has all the classic Murakami elements; an almost detective-like search, a mysterious, bewitching girl and wonderful surrealist aspects – most strikingly perhaps, in one hell of a strange sheep that no-one can seem to find.

Unlike say, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle‘s wider scope, this shorter novel has a swifter storyline and also features more surrealism than another popular entry point to his work, Norwegian Wood.

When I look back on it my strongest impression is actually (at first) thinking the ending wasn’t as strong as I was expecting, yet I found myself thinking about the end of the novel often in the days after. So, as it turns out, it was actually exactly what it needed to be.

Definitely worth getting a copy.


blog hop 2015 dates

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slow clap

in photographs of me
in the canals
my face eating the sunlight
I smile
it’s amazing
in my memory
and even now that
winter is heavy
upon us
I somehow forget
wanting to push
my fellow tourists
into the green
and simply get on with
taking comfort
from once, years ago now
once being so far out
of reach
and no longer
thinking of jackets
thick socks
or desperately
hot showers,
just the slow clap
of feet on dry stone.


The Tintin 2015 Reading Challenge: The Crab with the Golden Claws

Next up in my Tintin Reading Challenge is The Crab with the Golden Claws. (Last time I read King Ottokar’s Sceptre). It’s been a while since I’ve posted on Tintin and, as before, I’m behind schedule so expect a few more Tintin posts close together soon :)

#9 – 1941

Another of my favourites – probably because it’s here that we first meet Haddock AND get treated to some of his fantastic strings of curses!

People familiar with the recent CGI film will see a lot of plot elements and scenes taken from the Crab, like the way Tintin meets Haddock and the use of the Karaboudjan, the sea plane escape and shootout, the crash and hallucinations in the desert etc

There’s also a fantastic little sequence where Haddock is screaming for revenge and the snap-zooms and rage on his face is priceless. More fantastic full-page images here too – this issue feels jam-packed with them, though it’s the underside of the sea-plane one that I liked the best.

Next up: The Shooting Star.