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Just a quick update to say that I’ve finally organised purchase links for my City of Masks site – so you can now buy signed paperbacks and ebooks directly from me!

All you have to do is visit a book’s page (via the images above) and choose between print (with either AU or international shipping) and ebook, using the PayPal ‘Buy Now’ buttons :)

little boy

little boy

territory denial and a man true to his mother

the shutter
is actually arranged to interrupt light
and the apple-worm is a pinkish-white finger

the poster may have said

a girl (and her doll) wearing pajamas
was common to find in graves

Holst, Mars (06 August 1945 – present day)

crushing rail, vehicular, and pedestrian traffic
is a semi-autobiographical novel
by another confectioner’s son

struck by a laundry truck
full of dirty atoms
an appetizer popularized in Manhattan
(does an oven mitt have a liver?)

whether you’re looking for an inexpensive derby
or a legacy of bones

the only food colouring in the factory is pink. Walter used it.

(first published in Cottonmouth zine, July 2008)



Here’s a poem with cut-up elements that I wrote a while back – the LANGUAGE Poets influence might be visible? I’m not sure but here it is, a blast from a few years back :)

‘Crossings’ Giveaways

Crossings (a dark fantasy) is in production as I type and will be on sale in October, so I wanted to open a few giveaways during the lead up – you can check out the details below :)

crossings - ebookIn the Australian bush, wildlife ranger Lisa Thomas must uncover the truth behind a giant white kangaroo and the strange deaths connected to it, while dealing with the return of her abusive ex, Ben, whose rage is quickly growing out of control.


I’m offering 3 ways to win a copy during the lead up to the release of Crossings:

1. Visit Goodreads and add the book to your ‘to-read’ shelf and you’ll be automatically notified when the Goodreads Giveaway goes live. (This one opens in Nov.)

2. Visit the ‘newsletter’ sign-up page in the top right of the site and that’s it – you’re in the running to win an e-copy of Crossings and you’ll also receive the eBook for A Whisper of Leaves upon sign-up. (The newsletter comp will be announced in Oct.)

3. Visit the Crossings page and check out chapter one (or click here, it’s probably quicker) and answer a simple question:

What does Lisa find on her doorstep?

Once you find the answer, just let me know by leaving a comment on this post OR by sending me an e-mail to mountain0ash[at]gmail[dot]com. The first two people to answer will win a print copy of Crossings :)

The Bone Mask Trilogy – (e)Book 2 Has Landed

Snapping Turtle made this cool banner for the ebook release (which is right now :D) of my second novel in the Bone Mask Trilogy (The Lost Mask):
Lost Mask Banner

And so I thought I’d try whip up something similar (but not as good) for the whole Trilogy as it stands so far and made this:

Bone Mask Promo - Book 1 & 2

Which was a lot of fun because I got to see the covers side-by-side – both created by the awesome Kerry Fox.

If anyone from the poetry world happens to be following the series, you can check out the opening chapters of The Lost Mask over at Amazon :)

E-book – Amazon (AU)
E-book – Amazon (US)
E-Book – Amazon (UK)