6 Years, Cripes!

Six years since I registered with (W) – feels like a whirlwind :)

Really enjoyed the blog and despite some big patches of low activity, I feel like I’ve put some good stuff out there and hopefully folks have had a good time reading!

Here’s a poem from back in 2009:


small town

has an old Esso sign on a tin shed
and someone who used to sell honey
painted yellow on the next one,

at the corner a pink golf ball
towers over the coastline, ridges
like the moon.

in spring flowers grow
round the blue tractor
and dirt collects in the seat

marks on the footpath
don’t fade and the cemetery
never shrinks, only the town around it.

beyond the tennis courts
ghosts shed fingernails and
police sirens skip over fences;

no-one lives down there
where the surf plays dead
and moonlight walks on water.



Thanks for reading!


The Tintin 2015 Reading Challenge: The Black Island

Continuing my Tintin Reading Challenge is an entry for The Black Island. (Last time I read The Broken Ear). I’m actually running behind, so somewhere between now and December I’m going to have to post a few extra reviews in one month, but for now – here’s my response to the 7th adventure:

Fantastic! Not my all time fav but right up there among Tintin’s top 5 adventures I reckon.

There’s so much to like here – it’s one one of the more deft, tightly controlled plots with Herge bringing together his usual twists, humor, intrigue and scene-setting in a brilliant work that never lets up but never feels rushed. I won’t rehash the plot but I was gripped instantly the first time I read this as a kid – and this time around – Tintin is shot on the opening page!

His investigation sends him eventually to Scotland, sees him piloting a plane and taking on a gorilla, the poor, mistreated Ranko. In fact, I must say Tintin is VERY impatient with Snowy in this adventure too, thumping him a bit and generally being ungrateful.

As ever, there are some wonderful panels and settings. I enjoyed seeing Snowy quite pleased with himself upon finding the bone and the detail inside Dr Muller’s home was lovely too. The great vertical panels where the fire inspector climbs to the nest also stood out – or the medium shot of the island and the ruined castle.

In fact I wish there’d been more time spent on the island, it’s my only real issue with this volume – but as compensation, there were rakes – man’s oldest foe.

Next up: King Ottoicars Sceptre.

pink oceans

here he goes
the boy
into the fairground
spitting, kicking spinning
new words
little angry
fire-cracker words,
he’s trying them on
with squeaks
and bright fists
those words
the ones
that belong to others
with bigger hands
hands of dark
grease and hair
and thumbnails
moons setting
into their pink oceans
and all gone to hardness
now with the snarl of steel
and blooming fire
all forging
all holding
the usual panic
and promises
but mostly just holding
all the rage
he’s trying to copy
down there
by the teacups
spinning their blue handles
into the night
as he paces
and plans
the crack of each word
hitting skin
and the hiss
of every syllable
cutting deep.

March Poetry Sale (and fiction)!

Let’s have a bit of a sale!

For the rest of March, signed copies of all my poetry collections are on sale (and my fiction titles too) so if you’d like to grab some poetry for cheap let me know here or send me an e-mail :)


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The Tintin 2015 Reading Challenge: The Broken Ear

Finally posting the third entry in my 2015 Tintin reading challenge tonight with The Broken Ear! (So far I’ve also read Cigars & The Blue Lotus).

This one’s a solid entry into the Tintin series  for me– and a solid Tintin story is still pretty ace when you get down to it, but ultimately, it’s just not one of my favourites.

The Broken Ear

#6 – (1937)

During his search for the missing fetish with the broken ear, Tintin ends up in South America where he enlists in the army under the temperamental General Alcazar (who will go on to have other appearances in Tintin adventures) the high point of which being a pretty impressive car chase.

As ever, there are some great phrases in Tintin comics – often insults or exclamations – and it was fun to see ‘great snakes’ in this one. I also really enjoyed the comedy around the ‘fake Tintins’ on the ocean liner scene. Especially noteworthy, I thought, were the devils who are seen taking two of the villains away right near the end of the story.

Again, not the best Tintin adventure, but in no way disappointing.

Next up: The Black Island.

between giants (a poem, not the collection)

I am slow of words
tired to speak them
mouth confetti-ed
making plausible
the unsurprising
with dull iron
wrapped, drawn
beneath eyes
no moondog, no
not at all, I’m thrilled
I’m thrilled and com-
pletely stopped
by his lament and
not even close to
keeping up with his
shadow, of course
I do not expect to:
I am rusted to chair
I am part of the class
I am between giants
I am lamp light
I am pots on ledges
I am blooming in-
doors with the scent
of rain crowding
glass and I am ever
having to repeat honey-
ed phrases to placate
tadpoles lining up
to be thrown into
the pond by my frail


(this one was going to be in the collection but I didn’t feel like it was strong enough to be the titular poem and so it never made it in at all in the end :) )