Pigeonholes & Zetetic – Submissions Open


I wanted to mention two online publications poets & fiction writers should check out Pigeonholes and Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry.

Both are currently open for subs and you can visit the guidelines via the links above.zetetic

What I love about Zetetic is that they’re looking for unsual work so if you’ve got a piece that just hasn’t quite found a home in other journals, this might be the venue for you. And with Pigeonholes I was pretty thrilled to see this under a special call for subs:

SPECIAL CALL: 90s Mixtape
The end of September will mark the end of our third quarter, and we want to do something special. So, get out your old cassettes and scratched CDs, get nostalgic, and write us some fiction inspired by the bands and songs of the 90s. No literal interpretations of songs – we don’t want an angst-filled tale of woe for a song like “Motorcycle Drive By”, but a story about a steampunk cycle gang that guns down the wrong mark would catch our attention. Be creative. Use a favorite line, song title, or band name. A man who is blind in one of his three eyes, a champagne supernova setting, a tale about irony that isn’t ironic, flash about teen spirit. Don’t be afraid to get speculative! In addition to following our standard Fiction Guidelines below, submissions should include a brief explanation about what inspired the piece. This call is for fiction only, and only has enough room for 10 to 12 “tracks”, so make sure you send your best. Above all, entertain us.

So dig up memories of the 90s and see what you can do!

Between Giants & Old Stone – Combined Edition

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post to let you know that Ginninderra Press is soon releasing a combined edition of my last two collections between giants and old stone: haiku, senryu & haibun in both digital and print formats.

Right now you can actually pre-order the kindle version for under five dollars – there’s over 100 pages of poetry in there so it’s longer than my usual collections. I’m very excited about this one – here’s the new cover and stay tuned for a print release, which should be around the same time as the June release of the ebook.

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bare feet

through towns of peeling weatherboard
and lakes of fuzz
like a million detuned TVs
I’m watching for dust on the horizon
thumb in my jeans as she
hums hallelujah, bare feet on the windshield

up ahead
a husk of clouds
can’t manage silver of even the dirtiest spoon
not even the scuff
of feathers caught
in yellow grass beside the road

piano notes
chipping at the speakers
as Rachmaninoff hits those heavy Cs
and we exhale
fog up the glass, cover up
secrets that wiggle like caterpillars.



First published in idiom23 back in 2008 – I came across this recently and wondered if there’s space to add another stanza? I feel like I was onto the start of a bit of a ‘road poem’ maybe.

The Tintin 2015 Reading Challenge: King Ottokar’s Sceptre

The next entry in my Tintin Reading Challenge is King Ottokar’s Sceptre. (Previous entry is The Black Island). While I’m still running behind, I’m confident I can finish them all in 2015! And so, here’s my review:

#8 – 1939

I felt Ottokar’s Sceptre was ‘only’ good rather than great.

It’s not that there are any clear faults – and we’re treated to another absent-minded professor, as Herge continued to warm up for Calculus’ eventual appearance – but the adventure was missing some tension for me. It might have been a case of expectations not quite being met, as I wanted a little more depth to the mystery of how the sceptre is stolen I think, more detail to that plot.

The premise I really enjoyed – the theft of a royal sceptre as a per-cursor to war between ‘Syldavia’ and ‘Borduria’ with Tintin having to thwart various war-mongers and duplicate professors, but I think the scale of the conflict implied didn’t really come off in the space of a single volume.

There were some great mountain-based panels at the Syldavia border but again, for me, the range of colour and settings appeared a little repetitive this time around. Perhaps Herge put more effort into creating the warring countries in the story as stand-ins for Germany and Austria?

Still, no Tintin adventure is terrible and this one is notable for the first appearance of Bianca Castafiore and her…powerful voice.

Next up: The Crab with the Golden Claws.

Winter ku


frost creeps across
the window
even my chair groans

bin run –
moonlight bounces
along the garden path




Winter is creeping ever-closer – a terrible thought!

6 Years, Cripes!

Six years since I registered with (W) – feels like a whirlwind :)

Really enjoyed the blog and despite some big patches of low activity, I feel like I’ve put some good stuff out there and hopefully folks have had a good time reading!

Here’s a poem from back in 2009:


small town

has an old Esso sign on a tin shed
and someone who used to sell honey
painted yellow on the next one,

at the corner a pink golf ball
towers over the coastline, ridges
like the moon.

in spring flowers grow
round the blue tractor
and dirt collects in the seat

marks on the footpath
don’t fade and the cemetery
never shrinks, only the town around it.

beyond the tennis courts
ghosts shed fingernails and
police sirens skip over fences;

no-one lives down there
where the surf plays dead
and moonlight walks on water.



Thanks for reading!